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Stand Up Paddle Courses

Beginners to advanced Stand Up Paddle Surfing
The aim of this course is to learn easy and safe to unfold with the board in the sea way.
We explain the different parts of the board and the material, and as transport in and out of the water.
In the sand we make a first contact on the board and show you how to properly put you on your knees and feet as well as the stroke used in each case.
Once in the water work with balance, paddling techniques and different turns.
In the sea conditions can change quiclky due to weather, different boats in our environment or swimmers so I have little things to keep in mind in these situations.
The course includes liability insurance and equipment necessary for the activity: paddle, board and leash.
1 person 25,00 € 
(You must know how to swim)
(With favorable climatic conditions and sea)
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