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SUP (Stand Up Paddle) is the fastest growing sport and developments in recent years.

This is to keep standing on a surf board type (with more measured and volume) with an paddle to propel
The feeling of "walking on water" is an experience. The ease and simplicity of his movements makes enjoy the environment and the company with whom we practice. In 5 min. can stand on the table for that is increasingly more popular among men, women and children.
The Stand Up Paddle born in ancient times in Polynesia.
 It is the oldest sports in history water slide.
They invented as a means of navigation to discover new islands or to move between them.
Later, Surf instructors in Waikiki Beach used their longboards and rudimentary canoe paddles to take pictures of students or allow them to see approaching distant waves.

It is well known that sport is healthy, healthier, more if in a natural environment: sea, river ... stand up paddle promotes our physical and mental health.The work of CORE (stability / trunk / position) is masked which means that inadvertently be strengthening the muscles of the trunk and the natural reflexes of balance noticing great benefits on land.
Twins, quadriceps and hamstrings work to fix the movements of the body in balance. 
The muscles involved in the continuous rowing is developed directly: lats, deltoids, pectorals, biceps, triceps and trapezius.
With physiotherapy benefits going out to row it becomes nice and pleasant, calms the mind and relaxes the body.
Capacity develops through overcoming the barriers of fear to meet in a natural habitat that is not ours.
Do not wait any longer to play the sport known as "the bicycle ocean"
Using the SUP as a sport will increase our quality of life.
We live life from another point of view!
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